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Thanks to the global Covid-19 crisis, Americans are facing the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. The hospitality industry has been hit especially hard during these unprecedented times causing many to lose their jobs. As restaurants and hospitality establishments begin to re-open their doors and re-hire staff, our beloved Sommelier community (the first let go in many cases) will be the very last hired back.

Enter the The United Sommeliers Foundation (USF). Their mission is to provide immediate financial assistance to Sommeliers who are experiencing a pause or termination of their employment due to circumstances beyond their control. The foundation is comprised of industry leaders whose goal is to provide funding grants to applicants that meet the greatest need. They are striving to keep the industry afloat by supporting our country’s wine professionals during this and any future crises.

Now, you can help too!

Text a Somm is a fundraiser for the USF presented by Vine Pair.

On Thursday and Friday evenings for the next several weeks, Vine Pair is paying for Sommeliers to work a shift for YOU. They will answer your questions via text and Vine Pair will also make a donation to USF to benefit the thousands of wine professionals whose careers have been put on hold during the Covid-19 crisis. Check here to get to know the Somms, view the full schedule and set reminders. On the day of the Somm's shift, text your questions to (914) 580-4540. It's that easy to support a Somm!

If you'd like to make a donation directly to the USF, please click here.


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